10 Year Anniversary


Bob Gower and Aaron Irizarry


Bob Gower: Agile Transformation Story


Imagining the perfect agile system is easy. Building one is hard. Scaling is even harder. And transforming from another system to an agile one can be almost impossible. Well over half the attempts to change fail. In this This I'll tell stories from the org-change trenches and tie them to theory and change patterns you can use in your organization.  We'll explore first principles and common missteps. 

Bob Gower is a member of the organization design firm "The Ready". He is an authority on agile development, lean theory, and responsive organizational design, and the author of Agile Business: A Leader’s Guide to Harnessing Complexity. 

Bob has assisted leaders at numerous companies – including GE, Ford, Chanel, and Spotify – in creating more effective organizations. He holds an MBA in Sustainable Management, is a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, and speaks and publishes regularly on what it takes to build great organizations. 


Aaron Irizarry: Designing Teams for Emerging Challenges

The technologies and people we are designing experiences for are constantly changing, in most cases they are changing at a rate that is difficult keep up with. When we think about how our teams are structured and the design processes we use in light of this challenge, a new design problem (or problem space) emerges, one that requires us to focus inward. 

How do we structure our teams and processes to be resilient? What would happen if we looked at our teams and design process as IA’s, Designers, Researchers? What strategies would we put in place to help them be successful? This talk will look at challenges we face leading, supporting, or simply being a part of design teams creating experiences for user groups with changing technological needs.

Aaron Irizarry aka “Ron”, is the Director of User Experience at Nasdaq and co-author of Discussing Design: Improving Communication and Collaboration Through Critique. You can follow his frequent ramblings about food, sports, music, and design on twitter at @aaroni.