Kara Becker

Kara Becker


Kara Becker

Talk:  Women in Agile. I Want to See You Be Brave

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you say what you want to say?

Agile has the potential to completely upend traditional management hierarchies and cultures. In the promised land of the true Agile team, every member has an equal voice. Leadership is not owned by a person. Rather, it is found in a thousand moments of opportunity.

For some, and perhaps especially for women, that means we must hone our ability to step confidently into leadership opportunities and speak our minds openly. To do this, we must own our voices, our intelligence, and our power to lead. We must, in short, say what we want to say.

In this fully interactive workshop, begin to discover your authentic voice, through curiosity and safe experimentation. Explore the notion that by overly crafting, editing, and positioning our messages, women can rob the Agile team of our value as leaders, mentors, and coaches.

Be prepared to seek your own honest voice, and to listen and encourage as others discover theirs.

Women and men, outspoken or internal, all are welcome! I want to see you be brave.

Kara Becker is currently a Regional Agile Delivery lead for Eliassen Group’s Agile Practice utilizing over 10 years of Agile experience to provide oversight and leadership while delivering Agile services to a wide array of teams. She has experience delivering to executive teams, management teams, engineering and product teams, scrum teams, and cross-functional teams, among many more.

Much of Kara’s focus is centered around SAFe, Scrum and Kanban, human dynamics and organizational design and Lean and Systems Thinking, but she also invests in the fundamental tools of all truly successful collaborations; clear purpose, shared values, communication, discipline, honesty, respect and trust.

Kara’s previous roles include Director of Agile Program Management, Director of Agile Services, Senior Information Engineer and Agile Consultant, Scrum Master and Information Engineer.

Using her wealth of experience and practical knowledge of Agile, Kara is also a dynamic speaker at regional Agile conferences, which will include her upcoming role at Agile2016, one of the largest Agile industry events in the world. She focuses on the business at large as a way to enable organizations to identify the most important initiatives or opportunities and respond in a timely, effective, and sustainable way.