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Ellen Gottesdiener 

Talk: Power Up Your Agile Planning and Analysis: Deliver Value Via Structured Conversations

For continual value delivery, stakeholders must partner to develop a shared understanding of the product needs. How does this partnership gain a focused yet holistic understanding of the highest-value requirements? How do they effectively plan the project so that the delivery team builds the right product, at the right time? Learn how to go beyond user stories and engage in “structured conversations” to explore and evaluate product requirements and clearly identify what to build and when. You’ll use these conversations to fuel your daily work, groom your backlog, and quickly analyze requirements and allocate them to delivery cycles.

Ellen Gottesdiener is the founder and principal of EBG Consulting, experts helping you deliver high-value products your customers want and need. Ellen is an internationally recognized facilitator, coach, trainer, speaker, and expert in agile product management practices, product envisioning and roadmapping, business analysis and requirements, retrospectives, and collaboration. She works with global clients and speaks at numerous industry conferences. Author of two acclaimed books Requirements by Collaborationand The Software Requirements Memory Jogger Ellen is co-authoring (with Mary Gorman) a book on practical agile planning and analysis practices. View articles, Ellen’s tweets and blog, free eNewsletter, and find a variety of useful practitioner resources on Ellen’s web site at EBG Consulting.