Tiffany Lentz and Matt Ganis 11/13/07

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Tiffany Lentz

Tiffany Lentz: Agile Project and Agile Project and Management Metrics: Measuring Success Downward and Upward

Tiffany Lentz is an Agile Consultant and Project Manager and is proudly employed by ThoughtWorks, Inc. Tiffany has 4 years experience as a Project Manager with ThoughtWorks, with several years previous experience as a Financial Consultant at Nationwide Financial. Tiffany has worked on multiple and disparate system delivery projects, from inception to production. She has also assisted several organizations with Agile Enablement and Organizational Transformation efforts to incorporate and enhance efficiency and delivery processes. She is a mentor, coach and trainer of Agile methodologies, processes and practices.


Matt Ganis

Matt Ganis: Experience Report


Matt Ganis is a Senior Technical Staff Member (and Certified Scrum master) within the IBM Sales and Distribution organization and part of the site architecture team. In that role, Matt was instrumental in establishing one of first Extreme Programming teams for externally visible projects from IBM. He has helped to move nearly his entire organization (of over 200 project managers, developers, architects and information designers) into the world of Agile. He is also the community of practice leader of Agile@IBM, a galvanizing, grass roots effort of over 1,000 Agile practitioners whose aim is to help share methods, stories and advice – in essence, helping to change the way software is created in IBM.