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Pollyanna Pixton and Sue McKinney

Talk:Agile Leaders

Pollyanna Pixton

Pollyanna Pixton

Talk: Agile Leaders


Have agile methods evolve beyond needing leaders? Or is a different type of leader exactly what agile needs? What are the essentials to agile delivery? Customer involvement, embracing change, and iterative processes – all with the goal of delivering business value.
In this talk, Pollyanna Pixton discusses the type of leadership that agile teams need to achieve business value goals. She presents a proven leadership style of creating an environment where agile emerges; where agile teams effectively collaborate and ensure projects deliver a useful product. For example, should a leader step in and rescue a team? How does a leader course correct? How do leaders authentically motivate teams?

Pollyanna steps you through the four areas of collaboration to foster innovation and creativity. And leading? She talks about the keys to agile leadership: the right people, trust first, and standing back. Finally, Pollyanna passes on her time tested tips on supporting teams: fix processes not people, take the fun out of being dysfunctional, and no such thing as constructive criticism. This style empowers teams to embrace change and deliver on business value.


Sue McKinney

Sue McKinney

Talk: Managing Risk in Agile

All enterprises, in any company, face our volatile and uncertain world in one way or another. In some high-tech industries the speed of change is lightening fast. Other industries are impacted by commoditization and low-cost offshore alternatives. There are risks from making moves and risks from remaining the same. Sue will focus on how agile and collaborative leadership can help in managing those risks and assist leaders and teams in making better decisions.
Sue McKinney is the Vice President, Worldwide Engineering.  She is responsible for Pitney Bowes’ world-class engineering team, which is focused on design and development of mailing products and software solutions within PBI.  She is located at the Pitney Bowes campus in Shelton, CT.

Sue joined Pitney Bowes in April 2010 as Vice President, Worldwide Mailing Solutions Management (MSM) and Document Messaging Technology (DMT) Engineering. In March 2011, Sue assumed additional oversight for Pitney Bowes Business Insights (PBBI) Engineering.  Prior to joining Pitney Bowes, she was Vice President of Development Transformation where she led an effort to effect significant development transformation across the IBM Software Group development teams, influencing over 25,000 engineers, 43,000 employees in 120 global locations.  Key focus areas included the definition of enterprise architecture and governance and fostering agile development methodologies and improve overall software engineering effectiveness.  Sue also held various development executive positions with IBM Lotus where she was responsible for the development of the Sametime Instant Messaging, currently serving 20 million users, WebSphere Portal and Lotus Domino, IBM’s flagship email messaging system.
Sue is a graduate of Ohio State University, with a BS in Business Administration and Computer Science.