Agile Miami Leadership Conference

Pace University is going through some major renovation of the student union this year and because of that we decided to skip a year of holding the Agile Day conference in New York City and come back in 2018 with an even better venue in New York City.

But you don't have to be without a great agile event this fall. Joe Krebs, who founded Agile NYC 10 years ago, is bringing a 1-day Agile Leadership conference to Miami, Florida. Even better, the Agile Miami conference will take place 11/2/17 just when the weather in the northeast declines. If you are interested in escaping the north and deepen your learning in agile leadership, join us for a specular conference in a beautiful venue called the "The Lightbox" in the Wynwood district. Currently there are also 3 master classes scheduled for the day after the conference from 9am-12.30pm. Stay a few extra days, increase your exposure to agile leadership and make a weekend out of it. Looking forward meeting New Yorkers in Miami this fall.  Enjoy limited early bird pricing until 7/30/17. 

The Lightbox Conference Venue

The Lightbox Conference Venue

How It All Started...

Dear Agile NYC Community,

we are celebrating our 10 Year anniversary this year on the 25th of April at Pace University.  Like in a typical agile project, the evolution of Agile NYC did not go as expected and things turned out to be much better than we could have ever planned for. Countless user group meetings, conferences, open space events, and even experimental formats such as dueling vendors and Pecha Kucha's. 

To be honest, we never thought nor did we plan for something that would last 10 or more years. We kicked the group off because we felt passionate about agile and one thing led to another.  Hard to imagine today, but only 6 years after the release of the agile manifesto, agile processes were still very much in its infancy. In 2007, agile was a niche movement, powerful and energetic though, but exclusively reserved for technologists. During that time, the United States went through a financial crisis that led through one of the worst recessions in our history. Somehow, these uphill battles did not stop this user community to flourish. What started with a handful of people back in 2007, proudly served thousands that attended our events of the past 10 years. Agile NYC also sparked the creation of several start-up companies in the NYC area and has shaped many career paths of professionals in the trial-state area. 

In case you are interested in how the very first "inaugural" meeting come to fruition? Here is the very beginning:

Our Anniversary Logo

Our Anniversary Logo

Joe Krebs and Sanjiv Augustine 4/18/2007

Joe Krebs and Sanjiv Augustine 4/18/2007

Roughly 4-5 months before the first "official" user group meeting, we met casually in pubs in Manhattan. Marie Kalliney, Canice Lim and Davide Bruzzone responded to an online message which I had put out on discussion boards.  We didn't realize it at that time, but this was the birth of Agile NYC. Shortly after, the space and noise level in Pubs wasn't suitable anymore and we were looking for space to host our first event. Pace University was kind enough to open their doors for something which looked more like an experiment at that time. Sanjiv, who was forming the APLN network at that time, came up to NYC to speak about "Transitioning to Agile Project Management" what we now call the inaugural user group meeting. Amazingly, we decided to record the audio of the event and we didn't lose the segment over the years. So in case you feel nostalgic, give it a listen in our past meetings section. 

As today's "A-team" (Sweta, Zainab, Belkis, Jay and me) we are extremely proud to celebrate the 10th birthday of the community at Pace University. Join the festivities on the 25th of April at 3 Spruce Street for two amazing speakers (Bob Gower and Aaron Irizarry) , celebratory drinks, appetizers and a birthday cake and claim one of the anniversary T-Shirts. Register here and see you next week.

Cheers, Joe Krebs


Welcome to our New Website

Agile NYC is turning 10 this year and we are celebrating on the 25th of April BIG time at Pace University.  

With the start of our anniversary year, we also switched to a more mature website that allows users to navigate content better, learn about future and past events and gain access to events. We also wanted to make it easier to get in touch with the organizers and submit ideas for user group meetings etc. 

We hope you enjoy the new website and we are looking forward to many more years to come.

Your A-Team