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Yuval Yeret:

Modern Professional Scrum using Flow and Kanban - Leverage Kanban and Flow to improve Scrum?

Yuval Yeret

Yuval Yeret

Should you use Scrum, Kanban, or maybe even DevOps? You don’t have to choose: Scrum teams improve when they look at flows inside and outside their sprints from a Lean/Kanban perspective. In this session, we will talk about Kanban-related myths prevalent in the Scrum world and identify common ground between them. We will look at ways to bring Kanban flow into your Scrum: the Kanban-based Sprint/product backlog, flow-based daily Scrum, visualizing aging work, and flow-based Sprint planning. We will describe ways to wrap Scrum with a Kanban flow system, and at the higher-level picture of a DevOps culture and process.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of how Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps relate to each other and with ideas for experiments to try when back at work.

Yuval Yeret is a Professional Scrum Trainer at AgileSparks, a Steward for the Professional Scrum with Kanban class and has been practicing Scrum with Kanban since 2007.